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David 背风处, PF 36分钟| 8-13 FG | 4-4英尺| 13 REB | 3 AST | 1个STL | 0 BLK | 6至| 20分| +3 背风处’的季后赛战役无法’还没有开始一个更糟糕的开始。和我们一样’ve seen time and time again, Mark Jackson decided to start the game with numerous post-ups, and while 背风处 is undoubtedly the team’s best player in this area, they were unsuccessful to start the game and was a key contributor to the Clippers 12-1 advantage to start the game. It was tough to watch the 勇士 offense in that first half, in large part to their 12 turnovers and limited ball movement. They looked rusty and out of sync 上 the offensive end, missing their big anchor down low to set screens and harvest any second chance points. 背风处 was getting punished inside by Blake Griffin and more specifically DeAndre Jordan, who had 背风处’s shots timed perfectly and block them with little trouble (Jordan ended up with six blocks). But, 背风处 was a different player in the second half. As the Clippers kept trapping off the high pick-and-roll, 背风处 would be the recipient of passes out of that and initiate solid offense and ball movement as a result. 背风处’s passing has never been in doubt, and his ability to make plays when Curry was trapped proved to be huge in the 勇士 35-27 3Q advantage. 背风处 began to flash inside and make plays as well as finally take advantage inside, scoring 16 of his 20 points in the 2H. The officiating was all kinds of terrible, calling ticky tack fouls, falling for the flops and halting any type of serious momentum either way throughout. But, this ended up giving the 勇士 some type of advantage with Griffin in foul trouble throughout the game. Andre Iguodala had his share of trouble (although at least two of his fouls were questionable), but it went both ways, and Griffin picked up two early fouls, his fifth foul with 37.8 left in the 3Q and fouled out with :48 seconds left. 背风处’s 上-ball defense was great as well. Griffin is the more physical, edgier post player but 背风处 hung in there as well as extend out to the perimeter at times. He stayed down 上 pump fakes and put a body 上 both Griffin and Jordan throughout. 背风处 looked lost early but found his rhythm 上 the offensive end in the 2H and played solid defense in the frontcourt without his usual defensive partner in the post. An impressive turnaround.

安德烈·伊瓜达拉(SF) 20分钟| 3-6 FG | 2-2英尺| 1 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1至| 8分| -13如果’无论如何,伊戈达拉在场上20分钟的表现都不错。他非常严密地遮蔽了JJ Redick,当伊格达拉退出比赛时最明显,因为Redick在第三季度爆炸了12分,最终得到22分。伊瓜达拉’在进攻端,除了老式的Iguodala上篮和下篮篮以及从Curry传来的出色传球而扣篮外,他在进攻端没有看到太多。由于勇士在进攻端采取隔离措施并试图利用失配而不是通过球的移动和过渡铲斗寻找凹槽时,勇士们努力地移动球,因此错过了他的控球能力。至少两个安德烈’犯规值得怀疑,我希望随着比赛的进行,官员们会更加严厉。一场比赛51次犯规简直是荒谬的。在本赛季的大部分比赛中,勇士队失去了他们的第二好的控球手和最佳的外线防守者,而快船则失去了本赛季的最佳球员。 

杰梅因·奥’Neal, C 25分钟| 6-9 FG | 1-1英尺| 3 REB | 1 AST | 1个STL | 0 BLK | 1至| 13分| -11 JO在比赛初期曾遇到过类似的麻烦,被扑向内线,看上去他确实没有’t属于地板。杰克逊只打了4分钟多就把他拉了过去’t seen from again the first half in favor of 背风处 at center and Mo Speights in the 2Q. But, like 背风处, O’尼尔(Neal)在上半场表现出了与众不同的球员,尤其是在那个第三季度。 Ø’尼尔(Neal)在第三季以4/4拿下8分,并在该第三季的每一秒都发挥了作用。他在对阵乔丹的比赛中占据了自己的位置,在那个第3季度他只得到0分和4个篮板。 JO还为勇士队的内线移动提供了令人印象深刻的帮助,使他们在需要时额外传球并在篮筐处完成比赛。勇士以48-42的篮板优势结束了比赛,即使JO在25分钟之内仅抢到3个。乔丹的运动能力太强,以至于JO不能将其挡出,并在很多场合被利用。然而,他在下半场的比赛是关键,而这正是勇士们所希望的,这位18年的老将突然进入季后赛的首发位置。现在的问题是,JO可以保持多长时间。 

斯蒂芬·库里(PG) 45分钟| 6-16 FG | 0-0英尺| 3 REB | 7 AST | 3个STL | 0 BLK | 7至| 14分| +5如果你愿意’ve告诉我Curry会在45分钟以上的时间内以14分和7次失误完成比赛,而勇士会’我赢了,我大概可以 ’ve slapped you in the face in disbelief. Give credit to the Clippers who hounded Curry off the high pick-and-roll all night, forcing him to pass out of it or try to assert himself around the defense. Darren Collison also did a fine job of shadowing the All-Star all night and never really found a rhythm offensively. Jackson insisted 上 force feeding 背风处 early, which wasn’完全出乎意料,但也令人沮丧,因为考虑到克里斯·保罗(Chris Paul)过去在防守库里(Curry)时遇到了麻烦。保罗收到第4次犯规后,这让库里有了更多的操作空间。我不知道’无论快船的防守如何,都不要期望库里在整个系列赛中都如此冷漠。您’d认为可以在任何长时间内都包含Curry是愚蠢的。还有,咖喱没有’一次笑到网上去。对于库里来说,这是一场奇怪的安静比赛,但在明亮的灯光下,’只是怪早开始的时间。他’ll be back.

SG克莱·汤普森 41分钟| 7-20 FG | 4-6英尺| 7 REB | 5 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 4至| 22分| +4汤普森在克里斯保罗身上表现出色。是的,保罗得到了28分,8次助攻和7个篮板,这在纸上看来是最主要的表现。汤普森(Thompson)拿下22分,同时在整场比赛中都给保罗(Paul)蒙上阴影。差点让勇士付出代价的是杰克逊’坚持利用比赛,特别是小球员汤普森,在这种情况下是保罗。由于伊瓜达拉在比赛的大部分时间里都缺席,汤普森是勇士队唯一的,稳定的外围防守者。汤普森之三’在最后一个季度他的5次助攻是他的22分中的6次。 


I’m not supposed to be coaching, got no experience. Steph Curry’s supposed to be, you know, retired because of his ankle. David 背风处 was a loser. 杰梅因·奥’Neal’s supposed to be finished. Harrison Barnes dropped in the draft. Klay Thompson, how can he be sitting with that talent at No. 11 in the draft? And then you look at Draymond Green, just a gamer, a gamer, an absolute gamer. I thought Andre Iguodala again gave us great minutes…It’s the make-up of this basketball team, and I can continue to go 上 and 上 throughout my roster. Just a bunch of guys that continue to compete and fight.” — Mark Jackson

展望未来: 勇士队现在凭借主场优势进入第二局,并有机会以2-0系列领先的优势回到甲骨文。第2场比赛定于周一晚开始(非常感谢)。





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您第二天晚上的更新: 整个赛季,勇士队的板凳席都遭到了许多不满和批评(理应如此),在周六挽救了球队。让’首先从哈里森·巴恩斯(Harrison Barnes)开始,他是本赛季最讨厌的对象。当然,巴恩斯选择季后赛来获得本赛季最好的比赛,就在一年前,前塔尔·海尔(Tar Heel)在季后赛对阵丹佛和圣安东尼奥的比赛中表现出了他的运动能力和镇定态度,这让他们感到困惑。它’唯一的一场比赛,但在短短23分钟的比赛中,他带领了他职业生涯中最好(也是最重要)的顺序,获得18分并获得8个篮板(失误为零)。他错过了七枪,但是大多数都是大范围的,这些是你不知道的’请注意,巴恩斯考虑了快船整个晚上如何追逐库里。在第三季度还剩1:59时,巴恩斯封锁了克里斯·保罗’的驾驶上篮尝试,追赶快速突破,最终消耗3分使勇士队以105-103领先。巴恩斯没有’对于这支球队来说,必须表现出色,但他必须在比赛的至少一个方面做出积极的贡献。他的14分是令人欢迎的景象,但在安德鲁·博古特(Andrew Bogut)和犯规的安德烈·伊瓜达拉(Andre Iguodala)遇到麻烦时,他急需8个篮板(进攻三分)。

他没有’开始(他可能应该’ve),他只获得了7分,但是’s just the game we’我们见过德雷蒙德·格林(Draymond Green)蓬勃发展’令人惊讶的是,格林防守了快船队,主要是在前场,但在整个比赛中不让任何人真正击败他的表现非常出色。他最好的顺序是’甚至是实况转播,格林还剩24秒时两罚全中,勇士队以107-105领先。在整个比赛中安德烈·伊瓜达拉都遇到犯规麻烦时,格林和巴恩斯在防守和篮板球上大步前进。伊瓜达拉’整个比赛中都错过了控球的机会,尤其是在比赛后期,但是那没有’最终会使团队付出代价。这是格林的另一项优质比赛,他将为第二局及以后的比赛打下坚实的基础,但他没有 ’小心。他的场上视野,传球,防守,篮板和坚韧总是存在的。尽管受到了近乎受伤的恐惧,格林在比赛后坚持认为自己的膝盖很好。毫无疑问。

我们可以放弃使用Mo Speights吗?这个家伙在整个赛季的大部分时间里都被嘲笑,但是在本场比赛的第一场比赛中他有最好的一半篮球比赛(当然不算费城76人队)。在比赛中,他得到6分,5个篮板,保持生命力以及在油漆区发挥一些高能量勇士最需要的时间。他可以’在本赛季的批评和压力下,他很容易崩溃,但努力工作,上半场取得了关键的季后赛记录。一世’我有点惊讶我们没有’看不到史蒂夫·布雷克(Steve Blake)的更多信息,尤其是在伊瓜达拉(Iguodala)犯规之后。他’勇士可以’当库里(Curry)挣扎而球运动不存在时,通常会用到。我预计在接下来的比赛中,布雷克会在几分钟内稍微有所提高。

希尔顿·阿姆斯特朗(Hilton Armstrong)在那里一箭双雕,但他在有限的时间内能够抢到篮板。乔丹·克劳福德(Jordan Crawford)上半场很快被人看到,再也没有出现。如果他没有’没有打出他的前几杆,他就被淘汰出局。它’s that simple. If he’闷闷不乐,杰克逊跟着他滚,直到觉得自己必须这么做。如果他’s missing, he’s止球器和责任。我们在星期六看到了后者的有限行动。

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