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ESPN The Mag作家Chris Palmer发布 “Who’s better: 埃利斯 or 威斯布鲁克”今天是ESPN Insiders的内容。这里’s some of the other “Who’s Better”最近发表的文章:保罗·加索尔vs.德怀特·霍华德,科比·布莱恩特vs勒布朗·詹姆斯,德里克·罗斯vs德怀恩·韦德,朗多vs. D-Will,等等。pretty excited(surprised) to see Monta put up there with some of the greats. 吸,霍林格.

不,我’我不会成为一个完全的本垒打,并且说蒙塔比韦斯特布鲁克好几英里。我知道现在几点— and it ain’紧紧拥抱时间。克里斯·帕尔默(Chris Palmer)在文章中推测,无论如何,威斯布鲁克还是更好的选择,我同意。韦斯是一位超级运动型控球后卫’场均22分和8.4角钱。他’比Ellis更坚固。如果像我的女性朋友一直坚持的那样,武器等同于男性分裂,那么蒙塔可能拥有双A杯,而威斯布鲁克则可能更像大B’s. Lastly, he’一样快,他’对于控球后卫位置来说,这是一个不错的选择。蒙大拿(Monta)对于2。

在下面‘Intangibles’在文章的章节中,他列出的天生能力是领导能力。罗素是“…popular, well-liked…小心不要冒犯…他们伟大化学的心脏…”就像美国队长一样!他做出了非常有意识的努力来养活他人,这说明了这一点。就像耶稣!

埃利斯’列出的无形是“scoring tricks.” And 勇士 fans know exactly what that means. 埃利斯 scores in more ways than I can count. He contorts his body in mid-air to make crazy layups. He stops 上 a dime and swishes sweet midrange jumpers. He can take off and throw it down. All that jazz and more. But sorry, I’任何时候都要领导得分技巧。

然而,这首先是在道德上取得胜利的辩论。而且我思考得越多,它就越有意义。刚好有’联盟中的许多球员都可以像埃利斯一样在进攻方面占据优势。霍林格可以得到他的PER,我’接受我的见证。一世’眨眼间,蒙塔就接管了很多比赛。我看着蒙塔(Monta)在比赛中与科比(Kobe Bryant)和其他超级巨星交手,并保持了自己的状态。

那如果蒙大拿不是’t an All-Star this season and 威斯布鲁克 was? For first year All-Stars, it’比什么都重要。摘录自一年级全明星凯文·洛夫(Kevin 爱)的专访,摘录自 邮政游戏:

:对我来说最有趣的是(西方教练Gregg)Popovich就像(在练习中),“好的,大家,把它带进来。” He said, “每个人都将获得大量的比赛时间。每个人都将度过愉快的时光。但是布雷克(格里芬),罗素(威斯布鲁克)和凯文,你们都是(专职)。你们是初学者。你们都搞砸了您的球衣背面有一颗星星。您’我很幸运得到了几分钟。”他很有趣。每个人都在问这个。他说,“I’我只是(专横)和你们” But he was serious.

If anything, 埃利斯 just missed the opportunity to play about four minutes in a pretend game. All good, there’s always next year.

So yeah, even though I was surprised to see 埃利斯 included in these debates, I’m totally convinced now that he belongs. Maybe the question that we as 勇士 fans should be asking ourselves is: WHO’s better: 埃利斯 or Curry?



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    This is more difficult than it seems because 威斯布鲁克 has the distinct edge of playing alongside a top scorer in Kevin Durant, which allows him to attack the rim or be able to find an open Durant. Which makes 威斯布鲁克 and Durant 上e of the best combinations in the NBA.

    Now if you put 威斯布鲁克 上 the 勇士 and 埃利斯 in the lineup with Durant who would you say was better then? 那 becomes a easier question to answer and it would be 埃利斯. 埃利斯 can gamble defensively, but he would also be getting more respect from the refs.

    It’s amazing watching some of the foul calls against the 勇士, Curry got called for a foul 上 威斯布鲁克 that gave him the game winning free throw as 威斯布鲁克’s shot was also blocked. 威斯布鲁克 missed the first and hit the second.

    Unfortunately, 埃利斯 who struggled shooting the basketball was not able to pull out another dagger to defeat a team at the buzzer. Also, 威斯布鲁克 was not defending 埃利斯, he was defending Curry as Thabo Sefalosha was 上 埃利斯 and because of his size and length bothered him throughout the night.

    另一方面,威斯布鲁克在一次35分的比赛中一次又一次地被库里击败’这不是库里第一次在对阵威斯布鲁克的比赛中取得进球,而他又打了39场比赛,与威斯布鲁克相比,库里场均得分更高,失误更少,投篮命中率高达59.1%’s 36.8 percent.

    我认为’s much closer than you realize as 埃利斯 is the third best shooting guard in the NBA, while 威斯布鲁克 is behind Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams.

    这里’s the difference though 埃利斯 can make jumpers, 威斯布鲁克 for all his strength at getting to the rim isn’t that consistent with his jumper for his career he shoots 42.1 percent from the floor, 埃利斯 上 the other hand shoots 47 percent from the floor.

    埃利斯 like 威斯布鲁克 in his third year had a very talented team. If the averages stay true then 威斯布鲁克 would end up averaging more points, assists, more steals, and a better free throw percentage. His numbers are 22.2 points, 8.3 assists, 4.6 rebounds, 1.8 steals, 上 44.5 percent shooting, 35.2 percent from three, and 84.1 percent from the free throw line.

    埃利斯 in his third season when the 勇士 won 48 games, he averaged 20.2 points, 5 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.5 steals, 上 53.1 percent from the field, 23.1 percent from three, and 76.7 percent from the field.

    威斯布鲁克’s career high in field goal percentage would be this year at 44.5 percent, his second year he shot 41.8, and his rookie season 39.8 percent from the field. Until he gets a jumper that is consistent and he shoots over 45 percent, he is not better than 埃利斯 even if he has the edge defensively.


    就像我说的’s hard to compare the two, but if 埃利斯 and 威斯布鲁克 were to switch places, the 勇士 would be worse off. Not because of a lineup of Curry and 威斯布鲁克, but because 威斯布鲁克 does not have the mid range game that 埃利斯 possesses.

    Also, more times than not when 威斯布鲁克 is forced to become the scorer he struggles from the field. His best shooting night this season 10-15 and 11-17. 埃利斯’最佳射击之夜18-24、15-20和16-25。


    Like I mentioned before Curry had 35 points and with Curry defending him 威斯布鲁克 mustered 15 points, while 埃利斯 held Sefalosha to seven points.